Privacy Policy

nNovation LLP collects, uses and discloses personal information in the course of providing legal and consulting services. Because we operate in Ontario, Canada, nNovation LLP is generally subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). As lawyers, we are also subject to the Law Society of Upper Canada Rules of Professional Conduct, which include strict confidentiality requirements. Finally, any information provided to us in the context of a legal retainer is protected by solicitor-client privilege.

Personal information is typically collected directly from clients. However, we may also need to collect personal information from non-clients. In most circumstances, the individuals will know about the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information and will have the opportunity to withdraw their consent. In situations where there is no consent or no opportunity to withdraw consent, we will only continue its collection, use or disclosure of the information where permitted or required by law.

The types of personal information collected, used and disclosed will vary depending on the circumstances. However, except as described below, we will only collect, use and disclose personal information that is necessary in order to provide services. Some examples include our client’s and/or opposing parties’ identification information; financial information; health information; professional and academic information. Each case or matter in which nNovation LLP is engaged will involve different types of information.

Sometimes nNovation LLP will engage the services of other organizations to help resolve matters. For example, a mediator could be hired to settle a dispute between a client and an opposing party. In other cases will me work with another law firm. These arrangements – and the resulting disclosure of personal information – will only take place with your consent. In limited circumstances we may disclose personal information to other  third parties with consent or where otherwise required or permitted by law.

In the interest of providing services that are flexible and efficient, we also may outsource certain administrative functions. The service providers we work with must agree to protect your personal information with at least the same degree of protection as we do.

We use Google Analytics to analyze traffic on our website. We only collect aggregated, anonymous statistics. We never know when or from where a specific individual or subscriber is accessing the site.

nNovation LLP will only use your personal information for marketing purposes with your consent. Will will never share your name, email address, or put you on an email list without asking you first.

nNovation LLP will keep any personal information in its care safe, secure and accessible to the person about whom the information belongs (save for when the law allows for the information not to be accessible). We use an online, cloud-based service provider for file management and storage. Information stored with this service is backed-up, encrypted and password-protected. Some or all of this information may reside on servers located in the United States, meaning that there is a remote possibility that it could be accessed by law enforcement agencies in Canada or the U.S.

Most personal information used in resolving cases will be kept for 6 years as required by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Other personal information used for the purpose of marketing will be kept until the individual informs nNovation LLP to cease using the information.

If you have any questions about this policy, or access your information, please contact us.