General Commercial, Marketing, Advertising & Competitive Conduct

Commercial, marketing, advertising and competition counsel advising:

  • Global branded food products manufacturer, including on all co-packing and outsourcing arrangements, licensing, information management, marketing partnerships and co-promotions, and online activities, such as social networking promotions
  • Leading North American branded personal products and medical devices producer, including on grocery retailer price maintenance matters, online promotions directed at minors and internal competition and privacy compliance
  • Major North American building products manufacturer, including on distribution agreements, dealer pricing policies, consumer marketing materials and consumer warrantee matters
  • Global energy company, including on Canadian product distribution arrangements, product performance claims, trade channel promotions and comparative advertising complaints
  • Major North American office products company on all Canadian marketing and product compliance matters
  • Various pharmaceutical companies on Canadian marketing matters, including the Canadian subsidiary of a European pharmaceutical company aggressively seeking Canadian market penetration
  • Canadian integrated vacation company, including on travel agent and consumer promotion matters and on provincial regulatory compliance matters
  • Global hotel and resort chain on internal and external promotions, online activities and loyalty programs
  • Global toy and game products company, including on child-oriented online marketing activities
  • Leading North American home improvement products retailer on the roll-out of Canadian stores and preparation of supply chain compliance processes
  • Major Canadian retailer on overhaul of its customer loyalty card programs
  • Leading North American insurance provider on information management and privacy matters
  • Various companies concerning waste diversion program obligations across Canada