Regulated Products & Cross-border Trade

Regulated Products & Services

We have extensive specialized experience advising, advocating and litigating on a range of regulated products and services matters, including with respect to:

  • Food Products
    All aspects of food regulation, including product classification and standards, labelling, ingredient claims, vitamin, mineral and nutrient claims, allergen labelling, permitted health claims, other labelling and advertising claims, quality control requirements, facility and food handling safety compliance, product recall procedures and execution of recalls, etc.
  • Drugs, Natural Health Products & Devices
    Drug, NHP and medical device issues, including market authorizations, product registrations, labeling, marketing and advertising methods and materials, conference and symposium funding, distribution of products samples, etc.
  • Cosmetics
    All cosmetics matters, including registration, regulated ingredients, testing protocols, labelling, intellectual property protection, advertising claims, etc.
  • Consumer Chemicals
    All aspects of consumer chemical product regulation, including testing, standards, shipping and handling, MSDS, labeling, incident reporting, environmental protection legislation compliance, etc.
  • Electrical Products
    Compliance with product standards, testing, labelling, registration, advertising, safety policies and procedures, product recalls, etc.
  • Children’s Products
    Contents testing, packaging, labelling and sale of toys, furniture and other articles for children
  • Clinical Trials
    Drafting and reviewing of clinical trial agreements and related materials, and compliance with domestic regulations governing clinical trials, with internationals standards and protocols, and with relevant data management and privacy laws
  • Medical Research & Education Funding
    Requirements under medical professions legislation and other legislation and codes with respect to ethical research funding and continuing medical education funding and related matters
  • Product Recalls
    Advising on the preparation and execution of numerous product withdrawal, product recall or other remedial actions or communications, including in the food, electronics and children’s products areas

Cross-border Trade

We advise on the import and export of products, including permit requirements, packaging and labelling requirements and compliance with Canada’s trade agreement commitments and policies.

We also counsel foreign and domestic parties on all aspects of dumping, subsidy, safeguard and other trade complaints, investigations, inquiries and reviews, and litigate such matters before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and the courts.