Privacy, Access & Information Security

Our lawyers are internationally recognized for their expertise in privacy, access to information, and information management and security. Our practice includes:

  • Providing practical guidance on compliance with statutory and best practices requirements, including drafting and amending policies, procedures and other materials for all public sector and private sector areas, including health care and employment
  • Conducting privacy impact assessments and related advisory services where personal information is to be collected, used or disclosed in the context of existing or planned operations
  • Developing e-marketing strategies that are compliant with anti-spam and privacy legislation and best practices
  • Assessing the privacy implications of new technologies and advising on related compliance and competitive¬†strategies
  • Training officers and employees in private sector and public sector organizations on privacy, access to information and information management matters
  • Advising on privacy-related litigation strategies and representing clients in privacy and access matters before regulatory bodies and courts
  • Developing strategies to obtain access to information from government institutions
  • Counseling clients on data security requirements and addressing legal and practical issues surrounding security design and security breaches
  • Advising on personal information transfers in the course of mergers and acquisitions